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Artists' Corner by Janet L. Ho

The Artist: Joyce Lau

A recent graduate of Ryerson’s Image Arts program, Joyce Lau has already showcased her art in numerous galleries and exhibitions. Although educated in Toronto, she attributes her inspiration from her experiences on her many travels which translate to her pieces’ versatility. From her black and white photographs to her T-shirt stencil designs, she is probably most known for her “Hollywood Beauty Secrets” collection and the bold messages that are conveyed.

However, her “Cut-outs” collection could arguably be the most fascinating so far. Her depiction of “The Last Supper” on wrapping paper has been well received, but a more subtle show stealer is “Napalm” taken from Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of nine year old Kim Phuk running naked on a war brazen street in Vietnam.

Joyce Lau’s vision and creativity not only challenges her audience, but persists on challenging herself as the developing artist. It will be interesting to see what she will present us with next. For more information about Joyce Lau and her works, please visit www.joycelauart.com.

*Art images provided with permission from the artist.