I have been catalogued!

Headbones Gallery have kindly put together a catalogue of the works 
that were a part of the Work'n It Show. Here's the link for the PDF file:

Also check this:
http://goodedition.com/artist (buy mini prints of my art here!)

February 2011: 
I just completed a residency in The Hague, The Netherlands through 
Ateliers BaZtille in Zoetermeer, and in association with the DCR in 
The Hague. A piece that I made during that time will be on display at 
Ateliers BaZtille for their 10 year annivesary exhibition.


Nuit Blanche Devereaux II
Various Locations
June 25, 2011

Currently showing:

Fingerprint Variations
The Beaver, Toronto, Canada
April 13- July 3, 2011

Wat Blijft Komt Nooit Terug
BaZtille Ateliers, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
March 27-April 25, 2011

In the recent past:

SPHINX, Art Auction and Fundraiser 
(proceeds will be going towards the Will Munro Memorial Fund for queers with cancer)
The Beaver, Toronto, Canada
February 11, 2011 

O Lucky Man!
LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada (Solo Exhibition)
November 3-21, 2010